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The Library Book by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark

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What’s the best way to cure a gloomy day? A trip to the library! Based on the hit song by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark, here is an affectionate, exuberant, uproarious celebration of books, reading, and—SHHH!—libraries!
The rain is pouring, Dad is snoring, and the same old stuff is on TV—boring.
What is there to do today?
Go to the library, of course!
Who will we meet there? Let’s find out!
This story is about a young girl that takes a trip to the library and what she finds there.  The story goes with a song, so it’s hard not to sing as you read.  The book comes with the notes on the back and a website for the song.  I like this book because it has a cute catchy tune that has you humming all day long!

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