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I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez

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In I AM NOT YOUR PERFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER, Julia Reyes lives with her parents and older sister, Olga, in a Chicago neighborhood filled with graffiti, gangs, and cockroaches. Her parents, who are both undocumented, work long, hard hours to provide as best they can for the family. For Julia’s mother, Olga is the perfect Mexican daughter. She still lives at home, dresses modestly, has a respectable job, and doesn’t date. In stark contrast, Julia is rebellious and often lashes out at her overprotective parents, who she feels are not supportive of her dreams of going to college in New York City. She’s almost estranged from her mother, who wants to constantly know where Julia’s going and what she’ll be doing. After Olga is hit and killed by a truck, Julia discovers sexy underwear and the key to a Chicago hotel room among her sister’s belongings. Olga, it seems, had a secret life. As Julia begins to uncover Olga’s secrets, her own life takes some equally dramatic turns. She meets her first boyfriend, who’s wealthy and white, her parents send her to stay with family in Mexico, hoping her behavior will change, and she battles anxiety and depression.


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