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How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse by K. Eason

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Rory Thorne is not stupid. She understands what is expected of her as Thorne Consortium princess and resident of the Multiverse. Peace between planets and nations is determined by the game of politics, and as a political bargaining chip, Princess Rory must allow herself to be used in the most strategic way in order to benefit her kingdom.

After the assassination of her father the king, as well as several other political figures, Rory finds herself living in a foreign kingdom, betrothed to a prince she once met in her childhood. She is not enthused, but soon finds herself suspicious and concerned when the prince does not appear to be who the kingdom says he is. Using the blessings gifted to her by the mysterious alienoid ‘fairies’ of old, Rory uncovers the truth of spoken lies, and tears down the entire structure of the Multiverse with it.

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